Are you looking for childcare for your little one? Where to start? What to look for? Your child is the most important thing to you. It’s important that you feel happy and relaxed when leaving your child at nursery, if you know they are well looked after you will feel happier.

You may start by typing into google ‘nursery near me’, ‘nursery Suffolk’ or nursery Bury St Edmunds’. This will bring up a long list of local nurseries. Then how do you narrow down the choice?

Location – is the day nursery close to home or on the way to work? Is it conveniently located? This could be a factor when choosing a day nursery for your child. However some people prefer to travel out of their way once they find their perfect place.

Recommendation and reviews – check the day nursery out on Facebook and look at the reviews. Recommendations from friends and family are also good. Ask around – where have they taken their child.

Cost- this is a big factor when choosing a day nursery. Make sure you check out government schemes that can help with childcare costs. I’ll be talking about childcare costs and funding options in a few weeks. So please check back.

Most important thing to do is arrange a visit and how you feel when you visit. How were you welcomed? Were the staff friendly? Did the children look happy and relaxed? Don’t be put off by noise and mess as often the happiest day Nursery’s are noisy and malleable play can be messy. Happy messy play is very different to a dirty nursery. What is their induction process like? Take you toddler or baby with you when visiting and see how they react to the setting. And how the staff interact with your child.

Little Explorers day nursery Bury St Edmunds could be the nursery for you. Take a look at our Facebook page, come and have a visit. Have a look at what we have to offer for your child.