Here at Little Explorers Day Nursery Bury St Edmunds we love sensory play. We try to incorporate sensory play into our day as much as possible using a variety of methods.

Sensory play activities include activities such as exploring cooked spaghetti, sensory bottles, shaving foam, sand play and much more.

There are many benefits of sensory play. Firstly, sensory play helps children to develop their physical skills; sensory play introduces actions such as shaping, scooping and moulding. These skills require multiple muscles to work together which helps a child’s fine motor skills.

Sensory play also helps with children’s cognitive development. When children engage in sensory play they learn new things about different objects, they learn about new feelings such as cold, wet and sticky. This helps a child’s brain to recognise and sort out different things and different sensations.

It also helps to develop social skills as children will communicate with each other and learn how to share and how to recognise another person’s feelings.